Rabu, 27 Oktober 2010


It's nice to have friends who are watching you with a lot of ways, sending the morning news in the form of jokes, encouragement at a time when we need extra motivation to get through one day in your life.

It's one that I got from black berry messenger:
Before you get out of bed, look around your room and learn about the contents of the room.
a) AC: be cool
b) Ceiling: have high ideals to the skies
c) window: see the outside world
d) at the clock: time is precious
e) mirror: look at the mirror first before vilify others
f) calendar: look ahead do not live in the past
g) The door: be open and closed in a timely manner
h) doormats: kneel down and pray
i) under the bed: my goodness, very dirty!

Hahahaha ......

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