Sabtu, 30 Juli 2011

Richelle's Birthday

Richelle birthday to 8, the souvenir is mini door hanger. I'm happy because this mini door hanger is one of my favourite product. People starting from just buying the material until order complete with ornaments.

Diameter: 11.5 cm made ​​from MDF wood covered
with flannel.

Richelle loves the color pink, but Richelle is also a good big sister ... she let her sister Fressia to determine a favorite color, yellow. Thus, most are a combination of pink and yellow. Except for some boys must have given the blue door hanger.

And again
the girls loved the candy. Hopefully his life colorful and sweet as candy.

Richelle is also thinking about his grandparents. So there are 2 mini door hanger with the words Home Sweet Home ... so sweet girl....

2 mini door hanger to dear grandparents.
The back is written Richelle 8th Birthday, using laser cutting technology

Readydy to send to Richelle...happy birthday dear, wish u all the best.
Thanks to ordered...

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